XSNX Continues to Trend on News!

This morning XSNX has made some solid moves.  Following yesterday’s major earnings announcement, the rally has continued and since Tuesday’s open, this is up 20%…better yet is that since Last Friday’s closing low, XsunX is up a whopping 77%.  In my opinion, there could be some potential turn-over as people take a little profit off the table but one thing’s for sure and that is the continued uptrend is starting to show that there are many of us out here thinking that this could stay on the breakout path.

Furthermore, I’d like to point out that we originally broke down the chart and found some “text-book” reversal indicators that proved their worth.  It’s always a great feeling when chart patterns follow the trend and right now I think for XSNX, this trend is up.  In looking forward, my focus will be on the company’s continued growth.  If you read through the PR, the company notes some great revenue numbers and a solid gross margin but what’s got me excited about the next 6 months is the company’s sales pipeline. 

They have $10,000,000 in proposals out there and they’ve also brought on more sales people to amp up the efforts.  In my opinion, this is even more noteworthy than any “breakout chart” can show and from where I’m sitting, I think that as we head into the rest of 2014 and into 2015, XsunX, Inc. could be one to watch for exponential growth from both sales and gross margin.  So for early onlookers, this might be a “right place at the right time” scenario to ride what I think could be a big wave for potential profit.


XsunX Reports Increased Revenues and New Sales Opportunities

Company Continues to Meet Gross Margin and Sales Channel Growth Expectations

ALISO VIEJO, CA , United States / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 19, 2014 / XsunX, Inc. (XSNX), a solar energy solutions provider, today announced that revenues continued to improve growing by 60% in its third period while gross margins remained on target in excess of 30%.

Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, commented, “The other great news is that we are continuing to build sales momentum with a rapidly growing project bid channel now in excess of $10 million in commercial solar system proposals. We also added sales people this last quarter to help build the depth and quality of our bid channel. With the sales cycle requiring about 3 to 6 months for commercial systems, we saw the need to load our sales channel now to see increasing sales in future periods and it looks like the investments may begin paying off.”

XsunX works directly with customers to document the financial benefits available from solar PV for their businesses and then provides access to zero down financing options, project design, engineering, and turnkey warranted installation. They have developed a highly skilled team and work exclusively with qualified engineering and specialty contractors that help to ensure that each project incorporates the most current technology and meets, or exceeds, all regulatory compliance requirements.

Djokovich added, “This is an exciting time to be building a strong brand presence in the commercial solar market. We believe that solar adoption in the commercial market is still in its early stages, and we are working very hard to deliver top quality systems and service to ensure that XsunX develops a premium brand awareness. Our focus now is to continue our progress towards profitability.”

About XsunX

XsunX provides solar energy solutions with the greatest bottom-line financial benefits for commercial and industrial users. Our background and experience spans virtually all aspects of solar, including technology assessment, design and development. The company has developed a highly skilled team of qualified engineering and specialty contractors with extensive commercial solar experience necessary to service the diverse conditions that can be encountered in commercial buildings. The company couples this superior design and delivery capability with factory direct pricing and zero down financing options to provide exceptional solar power plant installation opportunities for its clients.

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.xsunx.com/.





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