PNTV is marijuana on line. is the future and heres why;

So lets start off the day with why I like a stock like PNTV which has seemingly no volume to speak of and which has more debt then the ability to raise money… Sounds bad right?  Well it isnt.  Not only is this a good stock to watch today but I am officially saying that since January this is the best value of any pick that I have come across and here’s why;  PNTV owns two components of the marijuana industry from actually growing marijuana to engaging their audience with WHy is that important? It’s important because in this business, the MJ business, there are two different stock holders. The ones that like the plant, from seed to sale and those that like the audience that comes with MJ. They are buyers and readers, they are advocates and they are in great numbers. PNTV and have found a way to capture both of these audience segments and once they are slinging pot and engaging that audience simultaneously, the stock will be in a much much different position IMO.

In just two days PNTV stock price has risen from .0027 to .0042 which is a gain of over 40%…How did that happen? Well heres the funny part; It happened on less the $4000 in trading. The bid support has gone from 10K shares to millions at the close yesterday and it looks like it’s going to open higher again today. If you knew the future would you invest? I would certainly and my # 1 stock that I’m watching is PNTV.

Here’s a little bit about the company and at the bottom is going to be their shareholder letter from Mark Bradley which was issued yesterday.

The Green Leaf Farms Holding Company is 80% owned by Players Network and has been granted 2 licenses by the state of Nevada for Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production of Marijuana infused products.  GLFH is constructing a 39,000 sq. foot facility in North Las Vegas for it’s operations.  “Green Leaf Farms” will be the GLFH’s consumer brand in our product development as well as branding for additional facilities.  This brand equity will be used to expand into other states as they receive legislative approval. The Company will not expand beyond Nevada until this is compliant with Federal laws.

Here’s what Mark Bradley had to say yesterday; LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / JULY 23, 2015 / Player’s Network, Inc. (OTCQB: PNTV), a fully reporting publicly traded diversified holding company with operations in New and Traditional Media, and the Legalized Medical Marijuana Industry, publishes a new, in depth Shareholder Report.

CEO Mark Bradley writes candidly to the company’s shareholders and address the past, present and future outlook as PNTV moves forward and diversifies its operations through its Privileged Licenses awarded by the State of Nevada to operate a Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production Facility in Las Vegas, and the official launch of using its new, proprietary NexGenTV platform.

The Shareholder Report addresses topics such as the company’s business model, formation of Green Leaf Farms Holdings, Inc., revenues, convertible debt, stock price, increased authorized shares, and an update on the positive progress of company’s $150 million-dollar lawsuit against Comcast, as well as Players Network’s short and long term goals.

Please click on this link to read PNTV’s Shareholder Report.

I have not been paid by this company as of yet but for the full disclaimer  go to the all new  website, Enjoy!


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