Weed, for your entertainment?


As a fully reporting publicly traded diversified holding company, PNTV’s primary objective is to create shareholder value by identifying opportunities in niche emerging markets.

As the emerging Medical Marijuana industry continues to mature, PNTV is well positioned for long term growth and distinctly separates ourselves from all other competitors in this space. PNTV is the only company in the Marijuana industry who has an integrated media network. This provides a significant advantage as we have a built in marketing arm for our products and services as well as for our clients. Our media strategy is proven and effective as well as diversified over multiple mediums and revenue streams.

PNTV has first mover advantage in the exciting Medical Marijuana industry and is participating at the ground floor. The projected market size is immense and continues to grow every day.


Next Gen TV + WeedTV.com

NextGenTV is the new propriety enterprise platform which allows PNTV to provide brands, businesses, celebrities and professionals with the tools to launch their own network. NextGenTV’s scalability enables PNTV to create 100’s of niche channel destinations (networks) that can be viewed worldwide on any media device (smart TV, computer, tablet or mobile device).

Our business model is to generate revenues for our proprietary channels as well as from clients. Proprietary channels, such as WeedTV.com, generates revenues through advertising, cross selling with other companies and premium membership subscriptions. Clients pay us to develop platforms to connect with their existing customers as well as attract new ones.


Green Leaf Farms:

The company has assembled an impressive team of professionals to operate and oversee all aspects of its involvement in this sector. Additionally, the 22,000 square foot cultivation and production facility is an existing structure which will enable Green Leaf to get to market approx. 7-9 months in ahead of originally anticipated.

The MME production and cultivation facility generates revenues by producing medical marijuana and a line of edible products which are legally sold to licensed marijuana dispensaries throughout Nevada. Green Leaf expects to generate a profit in the first fiscal year of operation. The second year could generate over $15 Million in revenues based on the current MME market without consideration of Nevada legislature approving recreational use. Las Vegas is the largest tourist and entertainment destination in the world with 40 million visitors each year. In the event Nevada legislature allows for recreational use, Green Leaf feels the revenues could outperform all current recreational states combined.

Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska became the first 4 states legalize recreational use of marijuana. The legal marijuana sector is considered one of the fastest-growing industry in the United States and experts agree that this trend will continue. More and more states are in the process of graduating from medical use to recreational use. Additionally, PNTV has first mover advantage with WeedTV.com.

Whenever an industry experiences rapid growth and is highly fragmented there is always a consolidation period. This is when Billion dollar brands are created and PNTV hopes to be one of the major players in the marijuana industry. Now is the time to get involved in PNTV!

PNTV has accumulated the following assets (cur rent):

  • $17,400,000 – 80% interest in Green Leaf ($22,500,000) valuation
  • $16,600,000 – Tax loss  car ry 60% of $26,000,000
  • $3,500,000 – Video  Library
  • $1,900,000 – NextGenTV proprietary enterprise platform
  • $450,000 – “Vegas on Demand” TV
  • $150,000 – WeedTV.com proprietary media  platform and domain
  • $150,000 – Real Vegas  TV proprietary media  platform and domain

The total book value of all cur rent assets is approx.  $40,150,000 or approx.  $0.20 per share.


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