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If you missed my news letter this morning then please don’t miss the next one. Sign up to and receive full reports on all of the featured companies on this blog. I can’t wait for you to see what I’m so excited this morning so read the release below and connect the dots. XSNX is now entering the residential solar market after being a leader in the commercial space in Southern California area for years. keep reading!!!

Relationship with Kilowatt Financial provides XsunX exposure to the growing residential solar market

Date: 07/09/2015
Aliso Viejo, CA – XsunX, Inc. (OTC: XSNX), a leading solar power solutions provider, announced today that is has been approved for addition to the platform of Kilowatt Financial, a clean energy company that provides consumers with affordable financing for solar electricity and energy-efficient homes through a qualified contractor and installer network.

With approval in place, the relationship will provide XsunX with access to a suite of financing options for residential customers, the ability to pursue residential leads to expand revenues, and identify other contractors and specialists for potential project partnerships. Kilowatt Financial provides retail installment contracts or direct loans to customers in a number of states, most notably California, helping customers select a flexible financing options that meet their specific needs. This strategy strongly aligns with XsunX, who has developed a reputation for meeting customer demand while driving down costs currently associated with solar installation.

With exposure to Kilowatt Financials comprehensive consumer financing programs, XsunX is now poised to expand into the high-growth California residential solar market, one that experienced significant increases in adoption, even as rebates dropped. In fact, a recent report from Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) cited California’s rapid residential solar growth of adding well over half a gigawatt for the first time on an annual basis, while stating California’s market will remain well positioned to sustain its rank as the top residential state.

“XsunX’s strategy of providing top-tier, commercial solar power solutions has cemented our position as a Company succeeding through organic growth,” said Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc. “This has resulted in validation of our expertise and now qualified us for addition to the Kilowatt Financial network. This strategic expansion into the residential solar market is one that we are excited to pursue with a focus on continued revenue growth.”

About XsunX:

XsunX provides solar energy solutions that deliver significant bottom-line financial benefits to businesses. We specialize in the sale, design, and installation of commercial solar power systems. The company has developed a highly skilled team of qualified engineering and specialty contractors with extensive commercial solar experience necessary to service the diverse conditions that can be encountered in commercial buildings. We couple this superior design and delivery capability with factory direct pricing and zero down financing options to provide exceptional solar power investment opportunities for our customers.

For more information, please visit the Company’s website at, or to learn more about the benefits of solar energy for your business schedule a free PV project assessment.

About Kilowatt Financial

Kilowatt Financial provides consumers with affordable financing choices for solar electricity and energy-efficient home improvements so that more people can run their homes cleanly and economically.  Kilowatt Financials credit expertise makes the financing process fast and efficient, quickly approving responsible homeowners for Kilowatt products offered nationally through a qualified contractor and installer network.  For further information, please visit, or inquire at

Don;t miss the chance to get in on solar with XSNX and as always read our full disclaimer as this is an advertisement that we have been compensated to issue,


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