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Good afternoon members and welcome to the summer of fun!  As some of you know my busy season starts right now!  and that means picks several times a week for your profiting pleasure. I’ve read some of your emails and got the message loud and clear that you want picks that have more liquidity then the last few I’ve brought you in recent week. Although EVUS, STBVD and ABOT all ran at least 50%, I understand what you are looking for as a network so with that I bring you OOIL- OriginClear Inc. Formally known as Origin Oil.
What do they do and why should I buy the stock you ask? Great question and the story looks like this; OriginClear has developed a breakthrough water cleanup technology for water-intensive industries such as oil & gas, algae, and waste management. Unlike other technologies, the company’s patent-pending Electro Water Separation process rapidly and efficiently removes oils and particulates to dramatically improve the quality of water undergoing treatment. In oil & gas, OriginClear is helping recycle frack and produced water, to reduce harm to the environment and lower costs for oil and gas companies.
The price of the stock is at a near 52 week low just as the company is making the largest strides in its implementation and sales of it’s clear water systems. On June 16, 2015 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of breakthrough water cleanup technology, and its licensee E3 Services and Solutions, LLC (E3), announced the successful completion of a joint on-site disaster water cleanup project in Oklahoma City. The company released a video and an independent water analysis showcasing successful results.Heavy floodwaters completely invaded Prime Conduit, an electrical manufacturing plant in Oklahoma City. The cleanup process created highly contaminated water, which OriginClear processed using its self-contained mobile demo unit, which was able to recover more than two-thirds of the total water.

“The OriginClear cleanup service surpassed our expectations,” said Talbott Howard, CEO of E3 Services and Solutions, Inc. “We knew this water had heavy metals and other industrial contaminants, but was diluted by a lot of recoverable water. The OriginClear ‘crash truck’ reduced visible contamination in the recovered water by 99.9%, making it appear clear to the eye (photo). The city of Oklahoma permitted the water to be disposed directly into its sewer system, which is a huge cost benefit for our customers.

Contaminated water is a global problem and over the last few years OOIL has successfully demonstrated it over whelming ability to de contaminate water for industries such as Oil and gas, flood water clean up and algae farming for starters. With the flooding across the US hitting an all time high this year municipalities has started to actively seek out OOIL and the results are astounding.

This is not a play for people looking to flip stock in one day…This is a company to watch for some time to come. Then why the decline in price? OOIL has gone to a quiet period where they have essentially turned over their investor base and the price of the stock has appropriately reflected that. Today marks a new day of awareness to the market and you as INS network have the “First look” to get in as we ramp up the marketing efforts once again.

Last year when INS was under contract the stock price actually went from .11 to .26 and today, you have the chance to get in with similar expectations. Put OOIL on your radar right now and watch for fresh information and  a possible announcement from the company in the morning! Read more:

We will be covering this company for the next few days with updates and look forward to any feed back from you guys so that I can bring you as many opportunities that fit your models as possible. Sign up here!

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