Hearing Rumors of a large campaign starting this week alerting my members early!

ACOL is this weeks Big Play

The Clock Is Ticking, This Is Why!

Last time I profiled ACOL we saw this baby move up +87%.

I am back with it as the setup behind this one looks ready for a another nice uptrend.

I give you today something even bigger. Are you ready? If you are, turn your immediate attention to this company, you will not regret it:

ACOL, Acology Inc.

High Times Magazine was so impressed by the product made by the company we’re profiling this evening that they nominated it for “Product of the Year” and sponsored it in the 25th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Yeah, Tonight’s Play Is That Big.

Acology, Inc – ACOL – the maker of a revolutionary MJ product known as the Medtainer – could be an early gift for the upcoming holidays as it could be the most exciting MedMJ / Recreational MJ company we’ve looked at in months, if not longer.

ACOL’s Products Are Already Found In More Than 100 Stores Across The U.S. The Medtainer Has Recently Been Featured In Major Publications Including Cannabis Now, Green Leaf, High Times And Even The Weed Street Journal.

But The Question Remains, Why ACOL Now?

  • ACOL’s patented product, the Meditainer is already available in more than 100 stores across the country
  •  It was nominated by a major magazine for “Product of the Year”
  • Product sales are skyrocketing, up 87% in one year
  • Celebrities have been seen using it and endorse it
  • Its market is growing faster than just about any other domestic industry
  • In the market, ACOL has rebounded and held and could be turning into an exciting situation
  • They just destroyed their sales record for the month of November and December.
  • They just announcer a new board member to join their pharmaceutical expansion team

Things Are Moving For ACOL And They Are Set To Hit It Big In 2015

But Hold On, I’m Not Done With The Good News Yet:

The latest Marijuana news is from the New York Times. Where the periodical evidently calls for ending the current federal ban on marijuana. That being said, marijuana is prohibited in many states but yet, is a substance far less harmful than alcohol

Investor Highlights:

Acology Inc. Announces Upbeat November Sales Results, Forecasts Strong 2015

“ Acology Inc. (ACOL) has announced that November sales have exceeded expectations. Increases in demand for its signature product, “The MedTainer™”, has essentially led to product shortages. This amplified demand has left Acology with the necessity of increasing the manufacture of the popular pharmaceutical containers to keep up with demand. Although Acology’s manufacturing capabilities have not yet reached capacity, as orders continue to surge the possibility of production shortfalls has forced Acology to consider acquiring additional manufacturing equipment to meet the increasing demand.”

Acology Inc. Announces New Board Member to Join Pharmaceutical Expansion Team

“Acology Inc. (ACOL) has announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Mr. Primo Cabral to join their Advisory Board. Mr. Cabral will advise the company on matters pertaining to pharmaceutical packaging and compliance.”

There Is Still No Clear Standout Within The Industry But There Is A Lot More Investment Opportunity Based On Such A Fragmented Market.

It’s evident at this point that Americans have begun to accept marijuana and its uses both recreationally and medicinally.

From grow facilities to “bud and breakfasts”, businesses are scrambling to take their piece of this pie. Even though the industry is still limited to a few handfuls of states that can actually sell it legally,marijuana is already a multi billion-dollar industry.

So Make Sure You Are Ready For ACOL.


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