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The military, first emergency responders and everyday ‘go getters’ can all benefit from this innovative mobile tech.

NEAH POWER SYSTEMS, INC. which trades on the OTC under the trading symbol NPWZ.  From business travelers and mobile professionals to police and our troops overseas, the one thing that they all have in common is the need for POWER. Not the regal type either what I’m talking about is Good old fashion electricity to run their devices kind of power.  Each of these groups have benefited greatly from the portability and freedom enabled by ever-improving laptops, tablets and smartphones but the problem is that until recently we’ve had to plug into the wall to recharge.  Productivity has soared in today’s mobile environment even on the battlefield so by allowing professionals to stay connected and on task almost anywhere in the world, NPWZ is providing power when the world needs it most.
The current phase of mobile computing might be described as the “connected” state. In addition to self-contained computing tasks, business travelers and mobile professionals are increasingly conducting network-centric computing and real-time connection to the corporate or public clouds. That means they need power when they need power.  Have you ever run out of battery when you needed it the most for call or to send an email? Everyone has, but now put that urgency onto the battlefield and you’ll understand the life saving importance of portable power in and out of the board room.
Importantly, persistent computing capability is not  limited to the military, travel or time out of the office, but within the office as well.  Secure Wi-Fi networks enable team members to carry their work with them throughout the day like at Google for example where employees can work from anywhere they want on campus.  Employees are no longer tethered to their desks, but are free to access information and communicate whenever and wherever they are located.
Consumers demand a convenient and longer-lasting power source to keep up with their work pace. Today’s dominant technology—lithium-ion batteries—has not been able to provide the energy for all-day computing capability. Equally important, many experts believe that lithium-ion technology is mature and is not expected to provide significant performance improvements in the years to come. This challenge is widely recognized, with companies like Intel spearheading an Extended Life Working Group to address the issues.
It is difficult to fathom a more demanding power user than the military. Modern, effective soldiers have come to rely on increasingly sophisticated computational and communications gear. In fact, it’s been said that there are two limiting factors determining the length of mission: water and batteries. The amount of water and batteries a soldier can physically carry often defines the duration of a mission and the likelihood of success.
These military devices require a dependable, lightweight, compact power source to extend operational run-times. On top of this, the electronic equipment and power sources need to be able to perform reliably under harsh operating conditions in the field.
The Neah Power fuel cell is expected to provide two to three times the energy capacity versus the standard BA-5590 battery, while remaining in the same compact form. No wonder NPWZ is getting the attention from investors that we have come to expect from innovative technologies like this instant recharging suite of solutions.
Importantly, companies that depend on mobile technology can benefit from the ability to continuously run their electronic equipment without the need to wait for recharging. Fuel cells can produce power as long as a fuel source is provided. When one fuel cartridge is exhausted, it can simply be replaced by another one to continue the power supply. Instead of carrying multiple batteries or rely on a charging station, employees would only need to carry one fuel cell and several lightweight fuel cartridges for continuous power capability.
All too often, however, the batteries in these mobile tracking devices run out before a shift is completed. Elaborate “recharging stations” are often set up to ensure that a fresh supply of batteries is readily available. Besides the inconvenience, these solutions consume time, space, and capital.

FULLY SEALED SYSTEM:  Neah Power’s design can be configured as an open air system (for greater runtime capacity) or as a fully-sealed system (for predictable operation under a wide variety of field conditions). Both configurations capture the reaction by-products inside the fuel cartridge. The open-air system requires exposure to air for its oxygen source, while the fully-sealed system contains a liquid oxidant alongside methanol fuel in the cartridge.
Exclusive to Neah Power, the BuzzCell power source uses formic acid. Neah’s passive-direct formic acid fuel cell enables extended run times for portable electronics and hybrid systems. The fuel cell can be designed for continuous grid-free operation.  The power range for stacks (cells in series or parallel configurations) is available in 3W up to 25W.  Multiple stacks may be utilized for higher power applications.
In light of the current stock price, which management believes does not adequately reflect the true value of the Company’s assets, I wish to reassure you that the level of interest in NEAH Power’s technologies has never been greater. As the frenzy of venture capital and private equity investing in alternative energy and clean energy companies comes back down to Earth, the focus of the industry is irreversibly shifting to practical, reliable and cost-effective solutions like those of NEAH Power, which can realistically meet current and urgent demands for off-grid power and energy storage in compact, scalable form factors.
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NPWZ is currently trading around .0073 and has had a 50% increase in the last month by way of announcements and more investor interest like yourselves. Keep this stock on your radar and don’t miss out on what can be one of the most explosive stocks on the OTC.
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