UOMO Is on my radar today lets get ready for a long weekend!

Our New Pick is UOMO!
Trading at just half a penny, we think UOMO has what it takes to break into pennyland!
That’s 50% up from current levels folks!
UOMO is a media company that is partnered with some of the BIGGEST names in the business!
Be quick, Be ready, Be smart!
Lets have a great day folks!

UOMO Media Inc. is a multi-channel entertainment company that acquires, produces, and manages entertainment content. UOMO integrates existing and well-established revenue streams in recorded music, publishing, and talent management through its five operating divisions: UOMO Recorded Music, UOMO Talent Management, UOMO Publishing, UOMO Digital Solutions, and UOMO Film & Television. UOMO consolidates revenues traditionally dispersed among several rights holders. Ownership, coupled with the ability to generate revenues from broader entertainment content rights, places UOMO at the leading edge of the new revenue paradigm in the entertainment industry. This multiple revenue stream approach creates and monetizes the dormant value in the current new digital media market.
UOMO’s recorded music business discovers and develops recording artists and then markets and promotes their music across a wide array of formats and platforms.

UOMO is on the forefront in the recorded music industry’s transition to digital, managing a variety of music-based content that is marketed, promoted and distributed over varied traditional, online, and mobile platforms. UOMO operates through numerous affiliates and licensees including a distribution agreement with Universal Music Group.

UOMO owns BasslineHQ.com, a creative design and software application firm focused on social networking, crowd sourcing and mobile content.

UOMO has ownership in Get Tickets, a digital mobile ticketing company with proprietary technology. Get Tickets offers an end-to-end solution that enables consumers to make purchase tickets to concerts, events, and more via mobile devices eliminating the need for a physical ticket. Get Tickets also provides corporations unique online and mobile interactive applications for customer surveys, data mining, SMS and web alerts. www.gettickets.ca



UOMO owns The NE Inc, a film and video production company that has produced 50 projects in 2012. The NE Inc has and continues to win industry awards.

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