AMMJ- American Cannabis company.

As a consultant I’m always very curious about what other consultants in my “field” are doing to find a niche and cultivate new business… I mean, my job is simple;  I’m referred to a client by word of mouth and since I specialize in digital marketing and new product branding the advice and services are cut and dry as I’ve had years of experience in my field;  So there’s very little guess work as to what I do on any given day but for some consultants there’s an overwhelming amount of Guesswork that has to go into their job. Take for instance the marijuana industry;  there’s a legal element that I just don’t have to face in my career as of yet but the consultants guiding CEO’s and new entrepreneurs in the MJ space certainly do.

These sectors are heavily regulated and even more confusing to us “on lookers” are the state by state laws that affect these businesses by way of sales and taxes.  My curiosity got the better of me as per usual and I started to look for marijuana consultants that had a specialty for taking companies through the rigors of licensing for cannabis cultivation.  What I found was some very interesting firms and even more abundantly, I found some very creative and successful People.

Obviosuly this article has been published by our good friends at as a company feature but its more then that I think. It’s a snapshot of what is happening right now in many states on the ground floor of marijuana cultivation and sales. Theres still so much mystery that surrounds the cannabis space but moreover is the mystery on what it takes to enter this industry and so that’s my focus of this piece and company feature.

Before I started to do some digging into the answers to my many questions I only knew that there is a process for getting a MJ licence, I knew that there are restrictions to just about everything marijuana related but that was about it. My thinking was that If I am a specialist then there must be some Canna-specialists that have emerged as of late. Thats when I found American Cannabis Company which happens to be publicly traded on the OTC under the trading symbol AMMJ.  And don’t let the fact that this company is a penny stock fool you, think about it, where else are Cannabis Companies supposed to go to raise money? Not the banks as they have succumb to federal pressure to turn away MJ business based on fed laws so the next best play for all things MJ is on the OTC markets. These guys are as specialized as it gets and marijuana is only the sugar coating because this is big business and for many people to navigate it they’ll need a team of specialists just like the team at AMMJ. Once I called the company and spoke to them my questions and more importantly the answers started to bud.

“From seed to bank” they say at American Cannabis Company and that’s for real. This is a tier 1 B2B services company that happens to focus on getting people off the ground on their new marijuana ventures.

AMMJ really has two divisions. One for services and one for products but then they break down each division by function and individual services which you will absolutely need to enter the MJ space. First is the step by step guide to becoming a grow facility and this is what I want to focus on because people are dying to know..” How can I do that”?

According to AMMJ the first step is the pre-application process which I’m told is the foundation
to building a growth facility.  The business plan, the growth numbers, the proformas and the
detailed layout of your new facility are all planned to perfection during this phase. Let’s Call it “the plan”.  The next step is the application to become a licensee and what AMMJ does is provide roughly 80% of the content that you are going to need for that application to be accepted. IT;s like cheating on a written test but without the penalty when you’re caught. In this case you’re actually going to be accepted.  This application process happens on a state level and after speaking with Trent, one of the execs at American Cannabis, I can see that they know their business inside and out. During an application the variations and requirements for each state all different so don’t try this at home.  Stepping forward from the receipt of the licence is deployment. This the fun part for growers because they can truly get their hands dirty and start planting marijuana for distribution. Think about what these guys are doing… They are walking you through the plan, the application and the facility set up so you can grow pot. I don’t know
about you but I love it.

Ask and you shall receive… In my case I asked “how people enter the MJ space” and found that AMMJ walks them right through the front door. From all of the research I did to find otu more about this business and entering this business I can tell you that there is no better firm out there right now besides AMMJ so if your looking to legally grow marijuana for distribution then I suggest you look these guys up at and tell them sent you.  Until the next time, take care and medicate responsibly


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