Hollywood is alive and well on the OTC.

Mass Hysteria (MHYS) Announces Production of New Film in Partnership with Aloe Entertainment

Behind the scenes of any motion picture are 100’s of workers from interns, makeup artists, wardrobe staff, cooks to feed everybody, all the extras, actors and even contractors to build sets and on and on the list goes. I’m fascinated by the fact that in movies, as in business, there is a person who can pull all of these people together. The producer. The producer is responsible for everything from how the budget gets spent to scheduling all of the crew and actors. He keeps the director on pace and on budget and he even finds the talent that we see as the stars. Simply put without a producer motion pictures wouldn’t be made.

Mass Hysteria Entertainment, Inc. (MHYS) announced on February 5th that it is to co-produce a new independent film in partnership with Aloe Entertainment. The film, PunJab Tiger. This film is being co-written and starred in by Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese.

Based on a true story, PunJab Tiger tells the story of an Indian man banned from boxing for standing up for his rights and remaining true to his religious convictions. Set in India, the film is on track to begin pre-production in May and move to commence principal photography by August. Daneil Grodnik- CEO of MHYS and producer of dozens of films said  during the last company announcement That “Punjab Tiger meets our current mandate to produce films that we believe will attract important stars and has award winning potential. Mary Aloe and I are working on a number of new projects together and I am delighted she asked me to join her as a producer on Punjab.” Grodnik’s statement showed that this was the first of many co-productions with Aloe in the near future.

Aloe itself has produced several films that have received critical and financial success such as Numb (2007) and Battle in Seattle (2008). The partnership between the two firms is sure to result in successful projects that will draw key talent while appealing to broad audiences. The amount of production talent on this project is astonishing with MHYS CEO Daniel Grodnik’s extensive portfolio combining with the myriad of talents possessed by Mary Aloe.

Prem Singh and his partner Micheal Pugliese also come from experienced backgrounds and have been involved in several recent projects such as Downsizing (2014) and Breakaway (2011). Singh, who is to play the lead in PunJab Tiger, began his career in acting working with actors with prestigious projects such as Remember the Titans, The Sopranos, and Saving Private Ryan  under their belts.

Overall PunJab Tiger, Mass Hysteria and CEO- Daniel Grodnik are showing their true talents with this production and partnership with MAry Aloe so for me the indicators like yesterdays recent trading is just the beginning of a promising rebound in both price and volume.  As people eventually come to see that producing movies and managing a massive team of people is no small feat, I think what traders will notice is that this partnership of Mary and Daniel has exactly what takes in both experience and vision to get the job done.  Let’s not forget that this latest announcement is just the one project in a string of big film announcements that will drive MHYS to new heights in fiscal 2015. Expect more significant projects to come into their ever broadening development pipeline as the year progresses and you should also expect that the stock price will react to the upside. Watch MHYS for a break out at any moment what as trading groups come back into the sock as indicated yesterday.

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