OriginOil (OOIL) Gains Massive Awareness On A Global Scale: Al Jazeera America Exclusive Report

AlJazeera America’s (AJAM) “TechKnow” traveled to two small neighboring towns in Texas – Reno and Azle – where they had a couple major earthquakes late in 2013 and hundreds of smaller jolts that locals think have much to do with the recent fracking that’s been being initiated.

Researchers are trying to figure out if there is a connection to the injection wells and the earthquakes. Southern Methodist University is conducting a research project to figure out what’s going on “down below”. The answers are still pending. In the meantime a growing number of localities are aggressively attacking fracking with campaigns to ban the process.

Inventors and investors across the country are attacking fracking in very different way: figuring out how to turn that dirty waste water into green…green as in environmentally friendly and green…as in MONEY. The idea is to reuse the frack wastewater instead of just pumping it into underground holding wells or worse yet, letting it run off into adjacent clean water reservoirs used for animal and human drinking water.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.48.45 AM

TechKnow caught up with OriginOil (OOIL), who as we’ve come to know, has come up with a way to separate the disgusting residual sludge left over from fracking and produce clean or even drinkable water! OriginOil launched its system in May 2014 in Texas and is now being used at a frack site in Colorado.

“TechKnow’s” Crystal Dilworth got a small-scale demonstration of how the system works. CEO Riggs Eckelberry explained to the film crew that the beauty of the OriginOil system is 3-fold. Of course, the top reason is recycling the water especially with this increasingly precious resource. Secondly, if it turns out that the fracking process is the cause of the recent swarm of earthquakes, the process could help calm the core of the earth. But the reason that could convince the gas industry to embrace the system is financial. OriginOil’s tanks are small enough and mobile enough to install right at the frack site. Their solution will save the gas industry money because they’ll no longer have to truck the stinky water to a disposal well. The Company’s long-term plan is to be able to process the water so it’s clean enough to farm with.

The added exposure from TechKnow could expand the reach of the Company’s technology on a much larger global scale. It wasn’t that long ago when OOIL announced the signing of a 7-figure sale to Oman and most recently set up several licensing deals for resellers in the Caribbean and in the Middle East. Based on the overall amount of progress Origin has been realizing, we see that there is incredible potential for a long-term vision that involves this unique water remediation process not only being used by the oil and gas industry but far reaching into algae and even waste water clean-up as well. This multi-pronged approach should become a major asset to the company and in our opinion, it will be those involved at these early stages who will have the biggest opportunity to reap the largest rewards.


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