Powerdyne Powers Into New Territories; Breaking News on Latest Strategic Alliance

Over the last 30 days Powerdyne International (PWDY) has begun to progress with some exciting developments.  In October, the Company appointed a Rock-star Salesman, Gene Weaver and since PWDY is focused on an aggressive sales strategy Mr. Weaver is spearheading the company’s efforts in opening the California market. Weaver brings 40 years of experience in the Power Industry to the Powerdyne team and PWDY’s management has given Mr. Weaver a territory that is thirsty for alternative grid power.

Why California?

This year California has electricity rates that are 40% above the U.S. average, and residential price increases have quadrupled according to a recent report from Forbes.com. Moreover, the report noted that at 100 TWh/year, California imports more electricity (from growing neighbors) than Massachusetts and New Jersey generate combined, and imports 90% of its primary source, natural gas.  So the opportunity to capitalize on this shortcoming in California’s traditional power production obviously gains more substance as facts like these come to the surface.

On the heals of this announcement, PWDY announced today that it will be moving forward with a strategic alliance between the Company and Alpha Generators of Florida.  The founder of Alpha, Fernando “Freddy” Periera brings with him more than 40 years of experience in the power generating equipment industry and has worked with many organizations domestically and internationally including the US Army.  Mr. Pereira will initially be assisting Powerdyne with sales, installation and service throughout the Caribbean Basin as well as working on customizing and packaging the PDI Power Solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Why the Caribbean?

Electricity prices in the Caribbean are among the highest in the world, and they fluctuate greatly with the global price of oil. The primary cause of the high cost of electricity is that most Caribbean countries use diesel and heavy fuel oil for electricity generation. These fuels are expensive and their prices fluctuate greatly. In addition to this, Caribbean countries have significantly higher average tariffs, at levels above US$0.30 per kilowatt/hour. So the barriers to entry are low for PWDY with the opportunity to capitalize on a much more cost effective solution becomes greater.

Keep in mind that it was only a short time ago when PWDY saw highs of $0.009 (143PCT North of Friday’s closing PPS) and with the way this stock traded last week, I think it could be well positioned to make a run at those highs again.  With the holiday early in the week, I would be willing to bet that some people are taking time off and for us that could mean an open field to score some serious points early in the week.

Pull up PWDY this morning, read Friday’s press, and stay tuned for more as we move into the week ahead!


WARWICK, RI–(Marketwired – November 07, 2014) – Powerdyne International, Inc. (PWDY), a power solutions provider, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Alpha Generators of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Fernando Pereira, founder of Alpha Generators, brings with him over forty years of experience in designing, building, installing and servicing power generating equipment and accessories domestically and internationally. Mr. Pereira will initially be assisting Powerdyne with sales, installation and service throughout the Caribbean Basin as well as working on customizing and packaging the PDI Power Solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Mr. Pereira will also be working with Powerdyne on integrating alternative fuel systems into the PDI Power Solutions by means of hydrogen generators. James O’Rourke, CEO of Powerdyne International, states, “With the addition of hydrogen generators to our menu of PDI Power Solutions we will be able to operate our systems by means of water (fresh, grey or salt). In addition Powerdyne will continue to look at technologies which will allow the Company to offer its customers the most cost effective and environmentally friendly power solutions for the 21st Century.”

With the recent increase in energy costs, Powerdyne International believes that it is positioned perfectly to offer alternative solutions to traditional power generation. By providing the equipment for little to no cost, customers are able to avoid the front-end financial burden of designing and building their own power systems. Powerdyne International is excited by the opportunities of this strategic alliance which will allow the Company to enhance its PDI Power Solutions and expand on the aggressive sales policy announced in October.

About Powerdyne International, Inc.:

Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.Powerdyneinternational.com) provides power solutions that are designed to be installed in virtually any location worldwide. The company’s target customer will typically use its PDI Power Solution to produce its own primary or supplemental power which is useful in any situation where reliable and cost effective power is needed.

Powerdyne is founded on the ability to produce primary and supplemental power using custom-built gas generators which produces electricity cheaper than existing means. The company expects that the difference between its costs of generating electricity versus its customer’s current cost will result in a substantial savings.

For more information on Powerdyne go to: www.Powerdyneinternational.com.


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