See why W Technologies (WTCG) is Grabbing so much Attention

W Technologies (WTCG) is back in the OTC Spotlight today.  Since Thursday the market activity has really started to pick up and WTCG has been a force to be reckoned with.  Both Thursday and Friday it moved up more than 60% from the open and keep in mind that Friday the market was shut down from 10AM to 1PM!  In my opinion the “proof is in the pudding” and with WTCG it looks like this sub penny can be explosive on days of heavy or light volume.

On Friday there was a technical glitch in the OTC trading system where orders were having trouble getting placed.  The good news is that it appears everything was fixed and the market will be fully trading this morning.  I think that the increase in high frequency trading with big board stocks has echoed into the OTC and in my opinion this could perfectly position WTCG for another breakout heading into the open.

W Technologies (WTCG) is a holding company with the mission to develop, manage and finance emerging companies. The company’s most recent progress is being made through its AdMedia subsidiary. Ad Media uses digital marketing to target buyers specific to their client company’s requirements. WTCG announced plans to offer its Digital Signage Advertising systems in the San Diego County area through Bob Zimmerman, founder of We Thank Our Troops (WTWO).

Ross Ricks, President of AdMedia Group stated, “Bob is a ‘Take Charge Kind of Guy’ and it is our desire to work alongside him and followers of “We Thank Our Troops” to provide a helping hand to all Veterans by offering jobs in selling affordable advertising for specific captive audiences.”

Besides the company’s most recent endeavor, the latest sentiment in the market is what I think has sparked a new bull trend overall and as a rising tide lifts all ships, WTCG has begun to follow the changing tide.  Recently I began coverage on W Technologies after it had one of its best rebounds in the last 6 months. Based on the amount of excitement that’s been building over the last 2 days alone I think that Monday morning could be poised with big upside potential that many traders were not able to take advantage of on Friday due to the technical glitch and FINRA halt.

The good news is that it appears everything was fixed and the market will be fully trading tomorrow morning.  The latest increase in high frequency trading with big board stocks has echoed into the OTC and in my opinion this could perfectly position WTCG for a breakout heading into tomorrow. As history has proven (even after the halt on Friday) WTCG has a tendency to move up big on early volume and right now the market shows that traders are looking at things from more of a technical approach than a fundamental approach as stated by many financial analysts.  Therefore WTCG in particular could be in the sites of many technical traders come Monday morning.
. WTCGChart101614

Not only did WTCG trade record 3 month volume but it also saw a healthy dose of price gains. More importantly is the amount of accumulation during the afternoon session that occurred between .002 and .0024, which indicates a new base from which to keep going. I believe this to have been a new formation of a higher support so in my opinion WTCG is in line for a continuation of higher appreciation. In my opinion, this is no time to be doubting the markets and falling by the wayside.  Analysts from across the investment community are saying that this latest trend has been a catalyst to the market’s increased activity and with that, increased potential to profit! So if you haven’t done so yet, start your DD on WTCG and make sure to check out the chart breakdown from last night’s email.  The action starts right at the opening bell!

Disclaimer Don’t ever invest based on what I say.  Do your own research and consult with a licensed profession before investing.  Any statements and opinions given are amateur and biased and should be treated as such.  Past performance does not indicate future performance in any way.  The performance of all alerts uncompensated and compensated in no way predict the performance of current and/or upcoming alerts.  Check the latest SEC filings before investing, and research other information on the risks of investing in microcap companies at Investor News Source has been compensated twentythousand dollars by a non affiliate third party for coverage and market awareness on WTechnologies. For important information concerning this email, including applicable disclaimers, compensation consideration, and additional information please make sure to read the information contained within.  To view our full disclaimer, click HERE.

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