Acology Inc (ACOL) and the “Big Correction”: Breaking Down the Tale of the Tape and How This Move Could Offer Potential to Profit

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The current state of affairs shows the OTC is echoing what the stock market has seen as a whole: a deep market correction.  From oil and gas to consumer goods companies, this bear market has been a deterrent for many traders and investors who aren’t familiar with how to buy or sell stock within the environment.  But rest assured, there are many people banking on this latest correction and the key is to know how to “bob and weave” to dodge punches and land your own winning blows.


Since ACOL (Acology Inc) is a new issue it’s important to pay attention to the “street signs”.  Case and point was that a few weeks ago when this began to trade the very first shares on the OTC, the market “liked” this around $0.50-$0.60 with momentum carrying it to highs of $0.70.  As in many cases, people take profit when it’s on the table and some even captured as much as 40%…this is when the value proposition came to light in my opinion.  How can you have a company that’s trading around $0.50 hold a market value of more than $5BILLION!?  It would seem unreal but as the case with many stocks on the OTC, valuation is generally not in line with similar NASDAQ companies and this is where I believe the correction began to take place.


Over the course of these past few weeks, ACOL has pulled back finding traders jockeying for position to profit off of 10-15% intra-day swings.  Looking at the bigger picture (The Correction), there are many of us who have watched and waited to see where the market really “likes” ACOL and Tuesday may have been the first signs of Acology’s bottom.  After pulling back to all time lows, activity began to pick up when ACOL was trading around $0.15.  For nearly the entire afternoon the stock volleyed between $0.15-$0.17 with most of the trading activity coming in  once again at the $0.15 mark.  In my opinion it would appear that this is the first sign that the market for ACOL in particular may be starting to correct itself and breathe back life into this stock.


Fundamentally, the last 3 announcements from the company show that ACOL is focused on expansion in a big way.  Not only do the Q over Q revenue numbers show growth of more than 80% but the company has also begun the transition into a new, 10,000 sq/ft facility in Corona, CA, which will accommodate everything from R & D to the executive offices.  More importantly is that Tuesday’s news expresses the company’s drive to reach into new markets with its next generation Medtainer product.


In Tuesday’s PR, ACOL not only announced that it is now manufacturing the new Medtainer but that it will also begin to deliver the latest design of signature product.  Moreover, target markets will include Private and Compounding Pharmacies, Herbal Pharmacists, and Veterinary Clinicians.  Acology’s marketing and sales efforts are now focusing on these markets and increasing revenue is expected as distribution climbs in 2014 according to management.  The new, 4th Generation Medtainer has set itself apart from previous models by including re-enforced grinding teeth that are intrinsic to the container. In tests conducted by Rein Group Inc., it was established that pills both large and small were easily made into powder form in less than 30 seconds. Enteric-coated (think Bayer Aspirin) pills and pills that are not easily crushed or cut in half were also easily reduced to powder in less than 30 seconds!


At the end of the day, this market correction should open up even more opportunity for investment into the market.  For ACOL, the company’s pull back coupled with Tuesday market activity shows that there are active traders seeking lower priced entry opportunity and after seeing heavier accumulation around $0.15, this could be the first sign that the market has established itself at these levels to position ACOL in a new bottom bounce formation.  Based on these latest developments and increased market activity, Acology (ACOL) will continue to be in focus heading into the Wednesday session and well beyond.


















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