INS Network Inctroduces Acology Inc (ACOL) and the Medtainer

Acology, Inc. (ACOL) has a unique, patented product servicing the medical MJ market and even has several celebrities already using it in public. Pro-MJ celebrities have been spotted with the Medtainer, the first-ever polypropylene air-tight, water-tight, smell-proof storage and delivery container with a built-in grinder. With the Medtainer gaining press as more and more celebrities are spotted with the container, (ACOL) begins to gain more attention. This could be why we are beginning to see an increase in trading volume. As more and more celebrities are photographed with the product in public, we expect investor interest to grow for (ACOL). Begin researching (ACOL) right now before word spreads and the Company is off to the races. You know what they say, “the early bird gets the worm.”

The Medtainer is portable and affordable. The container gives consumers the ability to easily store, deliver, and grind herbs and herbal medicines, remedies, teas, and other solids or liquids without any cross-contamination or leakage. It is the very first product of its kind and was developed with the needs and demand of the everyday consumer in mind. From its recreational and medical uses to even your home uses, the Medtainer is the perfect container/grinder for all consumers’ needs.

Celebrities are Catching On!

The Medtainer has been getting strong press lately with mentions in popular magazines like 1000 Watts, HotBox Magazine, Cannabis Now, Green Leaf, Hot Breath, Cannabis Culture Magazine, Skunk, and Nuggetry Magazine. The container/grinder can be found in 100 stores across the U.S. and even in Guam. As MJ regulations continue to soften around the country, we only expect to see the Medtainer’s presence expand into more stores in more states. Right now could be the best opportunity to check out (ACOL) because if the Medtainer continues to see such strong press and celebrity backing, the container/grinder could soon go viral and be seen everywhere that MJ is medically or recreationally legal.

Studies have even shown that there is a correlation between endorsements driving sales and in turn, stock price. Look what 50 Cent with Vitamin Water which was then purchased by the Coca Cola Company, MusclePharm with its hundreds of celebrity sports superstars or American Premium Water Corp with its Flo Rida partnership…time and time again companies have found that the more mass appeal that can be generated from celebrity endorsements, the better the potential reaction from customers and investors.

Acology & the Medtainer: A First of Its Kind Moment

(ACOL) could be on the verge of something huge. Their patented Medtainer product is the first of its kind and unlike anything available in the MJ market today. Completely private until now, (ACOL) is beginning to see an increase in trading volume which we believe could be from the recent onslaught of strong press and media placements for the Medtainer. As more states soften regulation for medical or recreational MJ usage and more celebrities are spotted using the Medtainer, we could soon see investor interest and momentum build as people rush to capture a piece of what could be a game-changing MJ market accessory.

(ACOL) Investor Highlights

• Patented Design

• Unique product unlike anything else in the market.

• MJ market slated to grow exponentially over the next 5 years.

• Medtainer is composed of FDA approved medical grade plastics and is environmentally safe.

• Potential ground-floor opportunity for a product that has just gained a foothold in the public markets having been private until this point.

• Product found in more than 100 stores across the U.S. and Guam.


With the MJ market set to grow exponentially over the next five years, it’s very possible that we could soon see the Medtainer in thousands of stores across the U.S., not just 100. So begin researching (ACOL) now while the buzz is just getting started. Don’t wait until you see the Medtainer in WalMart because if that happens, the cat will be well out of the bag and everyone will know about the opportunity with (ACOL). Start your research now.


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