Breaking News from STLK Could Spark New Rally!

Today PhoneSuite Solutions, Inc. announced the selection of Response Logic for its lead generation campaign for US based Small & Medium businesses. PhoneSuite Solutions will begin this campaign in early October.

“ResponseLogic has worked with some very similar businesses in this market segment with great success. The leads from Response Logic will be vetted and well qualified. Our last few months of structuring should now show results as we begin our selling efforts in earnest. The SMB market is significant and we believe that this constant marketing and lead generation will give us positive results,” said Jose P. Quiros, PhoneSuite Solutions, Inc.’s CEO.

Response Logic, Inc. specializes in creating customized B2B lead generation and business development programs for the technology industry. An experienced staff of sales hunters coupled with innovative marketing technology and advanced product knowledge position ResponseLogic to identify new opportunities, win business and drive revenue on behalf of clients. Our flexible and scalable business development solutions enable clients to choose the level of new business outreach that best fits their budget and business needs.


Beyond this announcement, STLK has also been seeing a strong increase in upward momentum over the last few days.  After pulling back to lows of $0.0004, this ticker has begun to rebound nicely.  Yesterday in particular saw a build up of trading activity right up until the close with STLK hitting highs of 50% and eventually closing even on the day at $0.0005.

Based on this latest announcement coupled with the new uptrend, I wanted to bring STLK back to everyone’s attention especially after seeing where the current trading levels are at.  As a triple zero, small moves could show opportunity for even bigger upside potential!

Still Looking For More?

Top Investor Highlights

A. STL has entered into a strategic alliance with VTech Hospitality a market leader in telephony solutions for hospitality companies

B. Strategic Alliance & Distribution Agreement with Call Management Products, Inc., which has installed 4,000 systems in properties ranging from B&B’s to 475-room franchise hotels throughout the world.

C. Through its Strategic Partnership, STL is able to sell PhoneSuite, which is a Preferred Vendor for several major hotel chains, an Allied Member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), a Founding Sponsor of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), a member of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), and was recognized by the Denver Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Small Private Companies.

D. STL’s Management has expressed plans for global expansion and in doing so, has standardized a training and certification program to guarantee its dealer channel is fully certified for VoIP/SIP networking.

E. PhoneSuite Solutions, Inc., the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, has the exclusive distribution rights for the PhoneSuite brand of products for the SMB market in the United States and the worldwide rights outside the US and Canada for the same. The Company is actively promoting, selling and establishing dealer channels for this well established brand by Call Management Products, Inc.

Company Developments

In addition to today’s news, the company recently announced that it will standardize on The SIP School for Dealer Training.  Since the Summer, STLK has been expanding on its opportunity in the telecom space through the Call Management Products, Inc. agreement.  SIP School is designed to provide training on VoIP and SIP.  The Company’s senior management team has supported The SIP School’s program for more than five years and PhoneSuite Solutions now joins many of the top manufacturers worldwide in adopting this training standard especially for dealers overseas.

“We’re excited to be working with PhoneSuite Solutions and their dealer network in getting people up to speed on the technologies that underpin the whole of communications today.  We’re sure this partnership is going to be a great success,” said Graham Francis, CEO of Vocale Ltd, the parent company of The SIP School.

Whats more is that earlier in July, STL entered into a strategic alliance with a powerhouse in the VOIP/Business Telecom space, VTech Telecommunications Limited (VTech), a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited (HKSE:303) which trades on the Hong Kong Exchange and has a market cap of more than $20Billion.  Under the alliance, PhoneSuite Solutions and VTech Hospitality will provide a bundled solution for the hospitality industry in the Caribbean & Latin American Region.

VTech Hospitality leverages the Group’s 20 years of experience and expertise in consumer telephony to develop innovative communication solutions customized specifically for hotels, resorts and conference centers. VTech delivers scalable phone systems that can be optimized for a variety of different business models, property configurations and hotel guest needs.  Through this alliance, STL not only gains a wealth of additional experience but also the notoriety that comes with it and could propel the company further into the telecom space.

The Road Ahead

For now, these latest developments do not coincide with the pps in my opinion and STL could be grossly undervalued.  Once the company begins to report revenue from these projects, it could be a whole different story for the market.  As of yesterday’s close, STLK sits at .0005 and at these sub-penny levels, a small uptick could mean big gains as stated earlier.  It should also be noted that it was less than 4 months ago when STLK hit highs near 0.01 under lesser company developments and a rally back to those highs could be an absolute gamechanger.  For these reasons, we’ve continued to cover STL Marketing and think it may be worth a closer look especially at these levels!


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