REPOST: What OOIL’s EWS System Means for the Industry

This week OriginOil has announced several key developments including successful demonstrations of its frac water treatment system and a scaled up version that can handle more than 10,000 barrels of oil per day. On top of that, results have also shown that the company’s process produces a compound called chlorine dioxide (CLO2), which is an important pre-treatment step for frac flow back, produced water and other applications…it can actually aid in the process of turning sour crude into sweet crude.

As far as the overall EWS process is concerned, the main advantage for Origin is its ability to treat water using much less energy why also making it possible to re-use this water for future frac operations. A Wall St. Journal article cites that companies are racing to find ways to recycle the water used in hydraulic fracturing, chasing an emerging market that could be worth billions of dollars.  It takes between 70 billion to 140 billion gallons of water to frack 35,000 wells a year, the industry’s current pace, according to a 2011 report by the Environmental Protection Agency and the costs of actually providing the original water could be in the 6 figure range as one Oklahoma City-based oil driller demonstrates.

According to Continental Resources Inc. fresh water delivered to a drilling site costs between 10 and 14 cents per gallon, which alone can cost upward of $400,000 per fracturing attempt. And on the flip side such as in the Northeast, oil companies have to pay up to $8 per 42-gallon barrel to contractors to haul waste-water for disposal elsewhere!   Now that OriginOil has not only found a successful way to clean frack water for its reuse on site, the company has done so using far less energy per barrel.  This offers fracking companies a 1-2 Punch for cost savings and Eco-friendly operations while giving them an opportunity to achieve a “sweeter” result when talking about the quality of crude produced.

CLEAN-FRAC energy usage numbers are more than 60 percent lower than Halliburton’s published energy usage of just over 0.56 kWh per barrel for its CleanWave Mini-Water Treatment system.

“While using less energy than a leading competitor, CLEAN-FRAC also removes a greater percentage of contaminants, while eliminating most bacteria and dissolved organics, a real challenge in high-volume applications. CLEAN-FRAC is the optimal solution for chemical-free oil and gas water treatment.”

-Lee Portillo, OriginOil VP of Engineering

There’s no doubt in my mind that the opportunity for Origin continues to grow and as far as sales are concerned, it may be only a matter of time until the company begins rolling out its EWS technology to fracking companies nation wide. With statements made on potential customers asking for third party results which have not only been provided but proven successful the next logical step would be for OOIL to close on several of these frack companies that are in serious consideration of a superior technology based on the capabilities and overall cost savings compared to others in the industry.






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