Increased Demand for Commercial Solar Positions XSNX to Capitalize

Commercial Solar Installation Company


This morning, XsunX, Inc (XSNX) announced that interest in its commercial roof-top solar systems has continued to build!  “The exciting news for XsunX is that we believe that the real growth in commercial solar is just beginning. Making our job easier is the fact that we provide our commercial solar PV clients access to incredible tax benefits, energy savings, and property appreciation benefits, which represent strong motivating factor for customers,” stated CEO Tom Djokovich.

This increased interested is a pivotal step in the company’s growth and after seeing that latest U.S. federal study, it’s become more evident that the overall potential for XsunX could be massive.  The study found that of the 83 GW of renewable capacity additions, 39 GW are solar photovoltaic (PV) systems (60% of which are rooftop installations).

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.39.22 AM

“To put the U.S. federal government’s anticipated solar PV growth in perspective, the installation of well over 5 million new solar modules per year would be required for the next 26 years,” stated XsunX CEO, Tom Djokovich. “That’s an enormous growth opportunity for companies like XsunX.”

Over the past few weeks, XSNX has been fairly dormant by means of announcements but today sheds a very bright light on what could be to come for this solar company.  The operational strategy has been to specialize in the design, installation, and service of commercial roof-top solar systems ranging from 20kW to 1MW.  This niche has been underserved compared to other companies that would rather focus on much larger projects. Based on this fact, XsunX management expressed that this represents the largest growth opportunity in the solar systems market, yet!

In a recent MoneyTV Interview, Mr. Djokovich expressed that the company was bidding on new commercial installation jobs at a breakneck pace.  Based on the time he said it takes to close these larger commercial deals (compared to residential), things could be quickly approaching a boiling point for the company and especially its shareholders who’ve been waiting for a time like this.



At the current pps, XSNX is on the lower end of its price channel.  After seeing the latest interview and today’s news, it’s my opinion that there may be big upside potential for this heading into the remainder of July and into the beginning of August simply based on these key developments from the company.  If you haven’t familiarized yourself yet with XsunX, Inc., feel free to take a look at the company website and make sure to read through this morning’s news.  The solar industry is set to grow exponentially over the next 15-20 years according to industry analysts and XSNX has identified an underserved sector that it has already begun to quickly establish itself in.  Stay tuned for more!













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