DNA Precious Metals (DNAP) Bottom Bounce Report

 DNAP DNA Precious Metals

Good morning everyone.  Today I’d like to bring your attention to a brand new mining play that’s a little less traditional than most.  It marries two popular and recently growing niches within the mining industry: Precious Metals and Bitcoin.  Gold miner, DNA Precious (DNAP) metals may be just the mold breaker to expand into the actual mining operation of procuring Bitcoin in addition to having a major physical mining claim in the quickly growing area of Quebec, Canada.Recently the company announced that it had formed a wholly owned called DNA Crypto Corp. The new subsidiary will “seek to identify the best crypto currency mining opportunities in the US and Canada”.  Currently, many are beginning to see the large potential of mining Bitcoin. The deflationary qualities alone open opportunity for the crypto currency to actually increase in price over time similar to gold.

As more bitcoins are successfully added into circulation, it becomes increasingly harder and more expensive to mine them, for the simple reason reason being the mathematical algorithm automatically levels up in difficulty making it harder for mining applications to solve equations.  This spawns the  added need for capital to buy computing equipment needed let alone the warehouse space required to house units. For DNA Precious metals, being one of the few public companies that actually mine Bitcoin, this could be an incredible “right place at the right time” situation for the company looking to increase its shareholder value.

On top of the developments with Bitcoin, DNAP’s traditional mining operations may also be a strong proponent for this new venture. The profits for mining leverage the precious metals’ prices, rising much faster than the underlying gains in gold and silver.  The larger gold and silver miners could at least double the metals’ gains, the mid-tier ones; quadruple them, while the smaller miners have the potential to see upside leverage even greater than that.

DNAP Economic PotentialIn June, the company completed its acquisition of the Montauban Mine Property mining claims of Tectonic Resources.  Highlights of historical selected grab samples include 17.14% Zinc, 483 g/t Ag and 14.96% Zinc and 1.92% Lead.  Company reports show that this property has 140,000 Gold equivalent ounces from historical surface ore resources and 1M+ tons historical additional surface ore (non NI 43-101 compliant).  The economic potential from its Anacon tailing alone show upward of $18M in NI 43-101 Compliant resources and even more in additional non NI 43-101 resources based on company reports.

If you’re looking at this from a technical perspective, DNAP may have a strong set up for bottom bounce potential:

RSI has just started to turn up and out of Oversold territory which could suggest that DNAP may be already begun to find positive momentum heading into today

The Obvious pull-back since June has brought DNAP down to the 0.19 level which appears to be a stronger support.  After Friday’s close, I think that a test of this support shows that DNAP maintains these lower levels and a bounce back to previous June highs could mean a huge rebound with triple digit potential attatched to it

Therefore in addition to a bottom bouce chart, DNAP has a favorable blend of gold and bitcoin could allow DNA Precious Metals to achieve both a first mover advantage and to be able to maneuver the asset landscape in future.  Based on this, it’s my opinion that DNAP could be positioned to achieve high growth opportunity through its multi-faceted revenue model and is worth a much closer look heading into this week.

Pull up DNAP this morning and start your research.  If this chart set-up and latest news begins to spark a rally, DNA Precious Metals could kick this week off with a bang!

Thank you for reading and Happy Trading,

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