ECO Depot Inc’s Revolutionary “Bottled-Water Killer”

It’s no secret that millions of people drink water every day and those same people also drink it from a bottle.  In 2012, total U.S. bottled water consumption increased to 9.67 billion gallons, up from 9.1 billion gallons in 2011.  In fact, 2012’s consumption growth was the strongest it has been in five years.  In addition, per-capita consumption is up 5.3 percent in 2012, with every person in America drinking an average of 30.8 gallons of bottled water last year.  Bottled water increased in absolute volume more than any other beverage category in the U.S.forbes

Bottled water sales increased by 6.7 percent in 2012, and now total $11.8 billion.  So there’s no doubt that this industry in massive in scale. 30 years ago, if you could have predicted that we’d all be drinking water out of little plastic bottles, not only would you be very rich (had you decided to invest),but you’d probably be reading this from your vacation home in the Caribbean or the South of France!

Having so much emphasis on the bottle, what is there really to combat this?  Well we look at several key factors but the standout is cost.   Not only for developed countries like the US but also for emerging nations like China, India, and even Africa which are all growing and have limited access to clean drinking water.

It’s a FACT – over 2.6 Billion people on our planet do not have access to clean, or even safe drinking water – can you imagine how instrumental this device can be to those third world communities where water is too scarce or too polluted to consume?

And as far as relief efforts go organizations like The American Red Cross, UNICEF, and FEMA all pitch in when the catastrophe hits. At this point, there is a company that has just begun to garner some incredible attention and has the product set to meet many of these needs both from an alternative to bottled water as well as an easily accessible solution to relief efforts and 3rd world limitations.  ECDP’s WaterGeeks product has a reusable, filtered bottle.  It has been featured on The Bonnie Hunt Show and others – increasing its popularity – so it could be just a matter of time until we start to see this product sold in retailers such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes or FreshMarket. When it comes to competing with the price of bottled water, we’re talking pennies. One filter is equivalent to 600 bottles of water, it’s clean trapping chlorine, heavy metals, and odor out of tap water, and it’s environmental impact is practically ZERO!  But there’s even more to ECDP’s product mix.

In addition to this, ECDP’s Click and Pour product has just begun to receive some great notoriety.  Click and Pour is a simple product that make pouring liquids from one container to another without fear of spillage.  If the name sounds familiar, that may be because you’ve seen the experienced pitchman, Marc Gill promote this product on an infomercial that shows how versatile, easy-to-use and useful the Click and Pour can be.

According to the company, Eco Depot™ is unique among DRTV, or infomercial, marketers because its strategy is focused 100% on Eco Friendly products marketed through DRTV Ad campaigns. The launch of the Click & Pour™ will represent a milestone event and mark the first Eco Friendly product Eco Depot™ will launch through a DRTV Ad.

Prior to this, ECDP announced that they’ve shipped out 50,000 units of the Click and Pour to a contracted fulfillment center that will be taking orders at $19.95 each (plus shipping and handling). In our opinion, this couples the efforts of the DRTV ads that have begun. The profits ECDP could make from this first 50,000 units is huge…we’re talking nearly $1million from the first batch of units alone!

And remember when I was talking about 3rd world countries and relief efforts?  ECDP offers a product called the WaterGizzi, a water multi-patented tool small enough to fit in the palm of a hand that can remove things like protozoa cysts, bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, odors, and even tastes to yield more than 5 gallons of fresh water per filter!  The combined potential from not only the WaterGeeks and Click & Pour products but this third WaterGizzi unit gives ECDP a multipoint revenue generation model and once the masses begin to take note, this could translate very positively for the investing community.

And if product potential isn’t your focus, ECDP has been building a strong bull trend over the last several weeks:ECDP Breakout

If you look at the chart, it’s not hard to see how much this has continued to move since mid June.  Today alone, ECDP has approached new highs of $0.025; a PPS not seen in over a month!  The buzz has continued to build on this play and heading into tomorrow so it would appear that the investing community has begun to rally behind this industry changing water company.

This is only the first of many updates that I plan to give on this company.  In my opinion, this could be just the beginning for ECDP and will be on watch heading well into next week!

Stay Tuned






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