NHLE before Your exhale; Nhale, Inc. Taking position in the Vape Market!



To all my blog followers, after seeing the action today from Nhale, Inc, I feel that this latest feature may be poised with even bigger breakout potential as the week progresses.  It was roughly 10 days ago that the company announced that it will be unrolling its national sales campaign for the Nhale multi-use vape pen kit .  Based on the responses I’ve gotten from many of you today, it looks like traders are hungry for more announcements which I will certainly be on the look-out for as well.

During the Monday session we saw this vape play come out of the gate strong hitting RECORD HIGHS of $0.745!  Momentum continued to build well into the afternoon session and there’ve been a lot more eyes following this company. A major reason for this increased attention in my opinion is because another state has entered into the legalized recreational field as of July 8, and it’s surely going to be another guinea pig for the country to watch for the success or failure of the decision to do so.

With more states seeing the immediate tax benefits of legalization from both forms, recreational & medicinal, this should build a solid framework for future plans of recreational opportunity. As more states like New York see the health benefits of a smokeless delivery method versus a traditional smoking method, businesses and corporations will begin perfecting ways of methods that do not involve directly inhaling a smoldering plant…and now NHLE take precedent within the space!

Recently, Nhale’s President and CEO Lance Williams returned from what he explains was a successful trip to the First Annual Cannabis Investor Conference in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Williams states “he made numerous connections with market leaders and is now exploring partnerships with several companies.”

“The Cannabis Investor Conference was a great opportunity for Nhale to discuss growth in the space and the opportunities it offers. With the trend toward legalization evolving, it is clear this new and important industry will soon outpace the growth rates expected by even the more optimistic forecasters.”

-Lance Williams, president & CEO, Nhale, Inc.

Furthermore, during the week of July 7th the company also announced the first shipment of its multi-use vape pen kits has arrived for its pending launch in the U.S.  Certainly as an emerging company within the space, it should be an exciting time for Nhale being that this will be the first step in implementing their revenue strategy. In fact, NHLE has increased in share price over the last 2 months from lows of $0.14 in may to recent highs today of $0.745, .which marked a 432% rally in less than 2 months.

I believe this could potentially be a result of the increased attention not only on the growth of the e-cig space but also on the current excitement surrounding the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana as it pertains to “vaping”!

So far sentiment remains very bullish where NHLE continues to climb so in my opinion this could be the very early stages for the company and our network to see this first.

If you haven’t yet, check out Nhale, Inc and stay tuned. This week has just begun and I’m thirsty for more!








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