Nhale Inc (NHLE) Gaining Traction in the New MJ Vape Industry!

Good morning team!  I’m back and ready for more this week.  Today I’d like to introduce you all to the latest MJ company to grace the OTC space, Nhale, Inc. (NHLE).  This company is fresh has just come off of a new name and ticker change to appropriately represent itself in taking advantage of the latest boom not only in the ECig Space but the exponentially growing recreational and medical MJ space as well; two industries slated for multi-billion dollar valuations by many industry experts.

A study from the University of California San Francisco, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, found vaporizing “delivers the same level of active therapeutic chemicals and produces the same biological effects as smoking cannabis but without the harmful toxins.”

Similarly, a study published in the journal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics found that vaporizing MJ is a safer and more effective means of delivery than the traditional combustion product.

Just last week, the Empire state became number 23 on the list of states approved to sell, dispense, and tax MJ; at this point, just for medical purposes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill under the ruling that “the drug is prescribed for use that does not involve smoking the plant. In other words, this means that companies that produce edibles, oils, waxes, and vapor products can benefit in a large way from this decision.

NHLE’s “Nhale” product is a state-of-the-art herbal vaporizer pen in a convenient kit. According to the company, it is an affordable, combination vape pen and e-cig that delivers a superior experience by heating, rather than burning dry leaf herbs and waxes for a smooth inhalation. An optional glass cartridge allows for the use of e-liquids and aromatic/therapeutic oils for enhanced benefits.

From a business and industry standpoint, it appears that NHLE’s revenue model is right in line with many of the big vape players looking to grab a solid foothold in the space.  With the continued growth of medical and recreational MJ in addition to the growing popularity of ECigs over traditional “smoke alternatives”, there appears to be an entirely new industry that’s begun to develop.  Moreover, as industry experts project an astonishing $300 billion annual sales mark within the next ten years, it may be a great time to take a very close look at a vapor pen company that’s just begun to develop its business!

If that isn’t enough, just take a look at last week.  Following the company’s announcement that NHLE President and CEO Lance Williams had returned from a successful trip to the First Annual Cannabis Investor Conference in Denver, Colorado, NHLE’s market activity has heated up in a BIG way.  Not only did Thursday’s late day action see an increase in positive momentum but Friday marked a huge day for accumulation at what appears to be NHLE’s potential support.

Williams stated, “With the trend toward legalization evolving, it is clear this new and important industry will soon outpace the growth rates expected by even the more optimistic forecasters.”

With so much market action building over the past 2 trading days and an established support at the current level, it’s hard not to pay attention NHLE just to see what comes next.  The company is in its fledgling stages of breaking into a market poised for massive growth according to industry analysts and it has also just recently announced the first shipment of Nhale’s vape pen kits arrived in the U.S. late last month.  These consisted of “high grade units” that include everything needed to vaporize dry herbs, e-liquids and oils so it appears that NHLE is already set to hit the ground running.

Pull up NHLE, check out the recent news, and let’s get ready for the open!

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