OOIL VS Halliburton: The Clash for Efficient Clean Frac Solutions!

The industry focus on water treatment is overdue, said David Burnett in a Pure Stream Technology Report.  The professor at Texas A&M University who is an expert in treating water from oil and gas operations states,

“The thing where technology needs to improve is where we are using water. It is the area where companies are laggards,” he is on the committee advising the EPA on the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing on water supplies.

Certainly when it comes to our network, OriginOil has been at the forefront of the “clean frack” movement.  With the announcement of the recent findings that OOIL’s EWS technology had shown to be 60% more energy efficient than that of a power house like Halliburton, I had to dive deeper and after looking over the findings, I’m that much more convinced that OriginOil could have amazing potential within this industry, which is still growing; BCC Research reports the market for equipment to treat wastewater from fracking operations and conventional wells is predicted to grow 9 percent by 2018…So let’s get to the numbers:


It’s not hard to see the massive advantage and overall potential OriginOil holds above heavyweights like Halliburton.  There’s almost a classic David and Goliath story here and in my opinion, the numbers weigh in favor of OOIL. Even though Halliburton (HAL) is a much larger company with a multi-billion dollar market cap and a share price nearly 370 times higher than OOIL, it’s the developmental nature of OriginOil that supports what I’m about to state next:

Not only is OOIL’s system half the size of HAL’s but pound for pound or should I say barrel for barrel, the EWS CLEAN FRAC technology buries the competition’s energy efficiency by more than 60% with everything else remaining constant.  These numbers aren’t something to bat and eye at either.  Not only does the EWS technology save money through cleaning frac water flowback but it also curbs energy usage on project sites by more than half that of the major market players.

As OOIL continues to push forward in the industry, I’d say that the company could be setting the stage to soar leaps and bounds above its bulky competitors through a more LEAN approach to both production and system design.  The scalability of OOIL’s EWS technology also performs as an incredible asset for the company in that it should be able to achieve the same results as its systems grow larger and by the time the CLEAN FRAC system is even remotely close in size to something similar to HAL’s, the company may be able to realize exponentially successful results compared to the competition.

The OOIL vs HAL debate seems to be concluded here with OriginOil winning the fight from an operational standpoint. Bill Charneski, general manager of the OriginOil oil & gas division states, “Whether EWS technology powers a licensed system or CLEAN-FRAC itself, the technology is ready for commercial adoption. Working on the integration of the technology for end-to-end water treatment systems…is a crucial stamp of approval for the OriginOil team.”

After sizing up the competition, I would say that there is a strong argument that OriginOil is quickly becoming a big player in the Clean Frac industry and 2014 could mark a major tipping point for the company.
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