Tamino Minerals (TINO) hits Key Support: Bounce Signal Triggered!

Hello team!  I’ve got a brand new one for you all to look at.  Tamino Minerals (TINO) is a precious metals exploration company that’s just recently been gaining traction in the OTC.  A quick glance at the chart and you’ll begin to see why I’m getting excited for Friday’s bounce feature:

As you’ll see above, TINO has an historic support level between .16 and .17 and the last time this hit that support, Tamino blasted off more than 70% to highs of nearly $0.30.  Today marked the first day that TINO hit this support in the last 3 months and if history serves as a baseline, this could be set for another rebound.  Beyond that, RSI is in “Oversold Territory” so after watching how the late afternoon activity kicked in and sent TINO back north, I feel that this could be the very early sign of the bounce in action.  We saw this with my most recent play, OOIL a few weeks ago and now with TINO, we may be looking at the same set-up.So Who is Tamino Minerals?

Tamino Minerals, Inc. is a Montreal-based mining exploration company committed to delivering value to its shareholders by acquiring, developing and mining precious metals deposits in Mexico; specifically gold.  It’s current Amalia Project is focused in the Mohave mega-shear shear zone.  The project is located on the North American terrane approximately 60 km east of the Sonora.

Ore deposit types in the area include thrust fault related gold deposits such as La Herradura and La Choya, porphyry copper skarn deposit such as Cananea, and a number of smaller high temperature vein deposits of gold and silver sometimes with copper. The area is just to the south of several porphyry copper districts in the United States.

The Company is very active in Mexico and has an interest in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil as well. Mr. Villagran Garcia, TINO President and CEO, states, “As the Metal Economics Group stated in a recent report, ‘The mining sector in Mexico remains one of the best destinations for foreign investment.  Mexico is second to Latin America and sixth globally, in terms of the best places to invest in exploration in the mining sector.’  We like Mexico, particularly the State of Zacatecas, Guerrero and Oaxaca. We’ve experienced good success for several years in various mining projects with particular success in the State of Guerrero.”

In March, the company announced that it had signed a Funding Term Sheet with an Institutional Investor for $2M to fund its exploration activities and operations.  According to TINO, a total exploration budget of $2.3M has been prepared for its exploration projects. The exploration programs will use all available modern mining methods.

Mr. Villagran-Garcia said: “The company will aggressively invest in the development of the main projects by trenching, soil sampling, performing an ASTER Study, IP Geophysics and eventually drilling the property to prove them up. The company is also aware of the fact that the Congressional Budget Office Predicts Unsustainable Debt which will eventually move Gold prices higher. Central Banks will add 15 Billion in Gold this year.”

In a recent June release, TINO stated that with respect to the Amalia Project, the company plans to start Topographical Mapping, Geological Mapping and an IP Survey with an expected completion time of 3-6 months pending the rainy season’s severity. The Monsoons are extremely common in this arid zone. The Sonoran Dessert extends from Northern Mexico all the way into the State of Chihuahua.

As far as the potential for TINO in Mexico, a ZEAL Report shows that since 2003 Mexico’s gold production has increased by a monster 390% equating to a 2.5m+ ounce increase in annual output; s a result, this has vaulted the country to #8 in the global ranks.  The Wall St. Journal even highlighted the incredible opportunity for companies to target Mexico for projects, noting that companies are drawn to Mexico by its mining laws, which allow foreign firms to reap much of the profits from their investments. Under federal law, companies must apply for a mineral-rights concession through the Mexican government and operate there through a Mexican company. But the local company may be fully owned by foreigners.

Tamino Minerals obviously has its sites set in a developing mining region (Mexico) with solid funding to back its projects.  Pair this with the latest bounce chart set-up, today’s late afternoon rebound, in addition to its small float of 1.4MM shares and TINO could be positioned to close the week out with a bang!





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