Brand New Breakout Report: Excelsis Investments (EXSL)

Good morning everyone! We’ve had a solid week so far and today I’d like to keep the momentum going with a BRAND NEW FEATURE, Excelsis Investments (EXSL). Over the past few months, EXSL has been climbing the charts on a momentum fueled move. Just this week it crossed through its 50 day moving average and has seen a healthy level of trading activity. After seeing a slight pull-back yesterday, I think today’s focus will be on the rebound potential and a possible catalyst could be today’s news (more below).

This company’s mission is to create shareholder value through its subsidiaries and strategic investments. EXSL owns and operates two subsidiaries in niche markets. The first subsidiary, CareerStart Inc., is a full-service human resource and staffing firm with a unique business approach that helps companies and employees benefit from a variety of state, federal and local job training and career development resources. Career Start helps companies meet their staffing needs by assisting them in navigating complex state, federal and local job training and development resources, which can be very useful in enabling companies to add and develop staff. Career Start also specializes in assisting workers who are looking for employment to benefit from similar resources..

EXSL also owns Mobile Dynamic Marketing, a marketing and product distribution company which focuses on assisting businesses in new markets. Mobile Dynamic Marketing utilizes numerous marketing outlets including telemarketing, mobile applications, social media and VSEO (video) services in order to serve its clients. Recently the company filed for 4 patents in preparation for the launch of its newly developed proprietary identity theft product.

To ensure the product performs, EXSL previously had contracted the Center for Applied Research and Technology; a 501(c)3 testing and research organization to complete an independent performance test on the product and the results were incredibly favorable. The company stated that the product was successful in blocking RFID cards from being read 100 percent of the time when utilized in its intended orientation with commercially available equipment in normal operation. This is huge for identity theft and moreover, the tests also reported that it could successfully protect up to 12 cards! Based on these results, EXSL stated that it is now moving forward with a national launch.

But there’s more. Today EXSL put out yet another big announcement:

Excelsis Investments — Mobile Dynamic Marketing Announces Stealth Card

LARGO, FL–(Marketwired – Jun 12, 2014) – Excelsis Investments, Inc, (OTCQB: EXSL), unveiled today, after reporting superior product testing results, the introduction of its Stealth Card, a state of the art personal identity theft protection system.

Product Overview:
Stealth Card is a physical identity theft protection product that protects “chipped” credit cards, identification cards and passports in a consumer’s wallet from RFID scan related theft of consumer information embedded in the chip. Currently, there are 1.5 Billion chipped cards issued globally, with the US market alone expected to reach 1 Billion by 2016. In addition, all US Passports issued since 2007 contain chips that store your personal information including your ID photo. This new ID and credit technology has created a wave of vulnerabilities and theft opportunities. By placing the Stealth Card into your wallet, you have now made your chips invisible and “Stealth” to impending threats.

Product Highlights:

Currently 4 Patents Pending on the manufacturing, materials, utility and design of the product

Proprietary “PowerGrid Technology” jams inbound and outbound frequencies
Only tested and validated Single Card System available in the marketplace
Does not interfere with other devices such as cell phones, Bluetooth hands free, magnetic strips, etc.

No battery or charging needed. Powered through incident electro-magnetic energy.

Thinnest Chip Protection Product available, measuring a mere .007” thick (approx. 1 sheet of paper thick) versus an average protection product thickness of .05″ or greater

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Guarantee
Made in the USA

Test Results:
To verify our internal claims and results, we employed the professional services and expertise of The Center for Applied Research and Technology, an independent 501(c)3 research and testing organization, to perform their own independent product testing and verification. Below is an excerpt from the Conclusion:

“The product was successful in blocking RFID cards from being read 100 percent of the time when utilized in its intended orientation with commercially available equipment in normal operation. A single product was able to protect up to 12 cards when used in its intended orientation.”

Members, there’s been a lot of opportunity for success this week and I think based on the latest from Excelsis Investments, the Thursday session could kick things up another notch! Thank you all for reading now pull up EXSL and let’s get ready for the day.




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