OOIL Announces Readiness for Commercial Application of CLEAN-FRAC 1000

OriginOil’s First Demonstration-Scale Field Trial a Success, Technology Ready for Commercial Application

Recently the company demonstrated its ability to match laboratory performance in the field when it operated at a 1000 barrel per day capacity on contaminated water from a salt water disposal well in Western Colorado.

Bob Isom, CEO of Delta, Colorado based Industrial Systems, Inc. (the OriginOil licensee that hosted a recent showcase) states, “A number of our domestic and international customers were waiting for this validation of the CLEAN-FRAC technology before moving forward with orders. We believe we will soon see substantial orders for both our movable tanks and water treatment systems using OriginOil technology.

The system on trial was OriginOil’s new CLEAN-FRAC™ full treatment system. The CLEAN-FRAC design combines OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation technology with selected downstream polishing steps to meet a customer’s specific water purity needs. In other words, the CLEAN-FRAC system can any level of purity required.

As noted in my full report, the oil and gas industry is a HUGE consumer of fresh water and a large producer of contaminated water. In the past this water was “disposed of”; today it’s being recycled. There’ s no easy way to get ride of the toxins in the water until now and with such a large excess of contaminated water simply being considered waste, the potential for a company like OOIL to step in and help remediate this “waste water” situation grows even more.



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