Everyone’s Phone Company (EVPH) Announced Big News Recently and What Comes Next Could be HUGE

Members I always love it when we have an opportunity to “see it first”…there’s always some excitement when you can say “I was there at the beginning.” In the matter of tonight’s feature, Everyone’s Phone Company (EVPH), I believe this to be exactly the same situation for our network members!

On the surface of the company’s website, EVPH states that it is a company that sells prepaid, unlimited local (dial tone) telephone service to the residential market, primarily in greater Houston, Texas. The Company is fully licensed by the Texas Public Utility Commission to resell telephone services throughout the State with plans to expand its prepaid telecommunications product offerings nationwide.

After getting the pleasantries out of the way, my focus is 100% on the most recent press where I think the company has identified a niche that could add incredible value to both EVPH and its shareholders…At the end of March the company announced that is in the process of entering the $500 Million Hydroponics Industry (According to the company’s citation of a September 2012 Marijuana Business Daily article).

Pending approval during a Shareholder’s Meeting, the Company will change its name to Innovative Holdings, Inc. to reflect its new direction of acquiring revenue-generating subsidiaries in the hydroponics industry which the company states is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. today.  According to IBIS World the Hydroponic Crop Farming industry is small compared with other industries in the agricultural sector, but it has been rather resilient to the economic downturn, with revenue growing in four out of the past five years.

IBISWorld expects revenue to increase largely as a result of the rising price of vegetables. The aging and health-conscious baby boomer population, an increased focus on healthy eating and changing weather conditions have also cushioned most of the recession’s ill effects. As the economy rebounds, most budgetary restrictions have been directed toward discretionary purchases rather than fresh food. As a result, revenue is actually expected to grow by 4.9% to an estimated $606.8 million.

These statistics of course back up reasons why a growing number of people are concentrated on overall health and wellness including the ever popular babyboomer generation, but I think the real story lies within one of the bigger “Booms” which is the recreational and medical cannabis marketplace!  These stocks are exploding left and right with huge upside profit potential.  Being that EVPH is right at the cusp of diving into the market, there’s no telling how big it could get in my opinion…best of all, this has been quiet for the last several weeks and could be set up for a big run heading into tomorrow (especially if it sees early momentum like today’s feature saw)

But Why Hydro?  According to an article in High Times, plants grown hydroponically exhibit explosive growth rates when all the factors are properly in place. The editor states that though hydro growing is less forgiving than soil, it’s more rewarding when done right. There is also less risk of pests when growing hydroponically. Many pests and pathogens are brought into a growroom via the soil, which also provides a perfect place for these pests to hide and breed.

With this new direction, EVPH could be positioned perfectly to take advantage of this smoking hot industry and for us, we’re seeing it at incredibly low levels compared to previous months.  In my opinion, with the way the market has been taking to medical and recreational MJ plays, this could be the next hot pot stock to take the OTC by storm.

If you haven’t done so already, pull up EVPH and start your DD.  I feel that the MJ Revolution is just beginning and Everyone’s Phone Company looks to be diving in head first!

Thank you for reading and make sure you keep your eye on your inbox for more.

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