Webxu Inc (WBXU): New Bounce Trend to Kick off the New Week Ahead

Webxu Inc. (WBXU) is in this morning’s spotlight.  This is an emerging company that’s begun to come up fast in the mobile marketing and branding space with a recent target on Hemp and Legal MJ.  WBXU’s core model encompasses customer acquisition, E-Commerce and mobile media.  Last Monday, the company ended a near 2-month long bear trend and since then it has been climbing steadily.  Thursday the company released press and announced that it had signed a strategic partnership agreement and Letter of Intent to acquire The Skyline Agency.  The biggest take-away from this in my opinion is that Webxu is now positioned to reap the full benefits of Skyline’s proprietary and up to date technology.

For over ten years, The Skyline Agency has been providing its branding and marketing services to the likes of CBS Radio, Southwest Airlines and W Hotels. Matt Hill, Webxu CEO, said, “Webxu is very excited to sign this partnership with Skyline. They are a top tier marketing firm that services large brands such as Southwest Airlines and W Hotels…We anticipate that Skyline’s involvement in SEO, website design and traffic optimization will bring improvement to the revenue and profitability of our lead generation efforts.”

According to the company, Webxu’s mission is to build its clients the highest performing web and mobile properties in the industry. Through its expertise in branding consumer websites and mobile advertising, Webxu generates revenue by providing client brands with targeted consumer traffic.  2014 may be a banner year for online media companies to take a slice of this ever growing industry and here’s why:

A report that was compiled from hundreds of pieces of data gathered by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, showed internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $42.8 billion for the full year of 2013. In fact Q4 2013 accounted for approximately $12.1 billion and results from Q3 2013 showed approximately $10.6 billion. Moreover, the Internet Advertising Bureau reports that revenues for the full year of 2013 increased 17% over 2012. 

In addition to these findings, mobile advertising numbers in the United States showed a total of $7.1B during 2013, which was a mind blowing 110PCT increase from the prior year’s total of $3.4B!  WBXU’s latest announcement shows me that the company now has the ability to increase its reach within the market especially with the veteran team of Skyline and its proprietary technology.

If that isn’t enough, a report from Internet Retailer[dot]com has cited that global paid search spending increased 25PCT year over year in the first quarter of 2014.  And for me the more important piece of data was with regard to the growth seen from mobile paid search spending.  According to an analysis of client data by search marketing agency Covario Inc, mobile paid search spending increased by 135PCT with ads on smartphones accounting for 40PCT of the mobile paid search spend during the first quarter of 2014. I would think most would agree that this industry is just beginning to bloom and WBXU could be right at the precipice of this movement.

Beyond the fundamentals of the industry and Webxu as a company, I’ve found that its chart may be signaling a new bounce trend:


RSI is “Oversold” at the current trading level after settling the week out at 28.85.  Even with the recent surge in positive momentum, it appears that these levels are still more “undervalued” than anything.






WBXU has been on a long downtrend up until the beginning of last week.  Starting Monday, Webxu began to head back North suggesting that this .01 level is a strong support.  Now that we’ve seen an increase in attention as well as a reversal in the chart, I feel that WBXU could be positioned for a continuation with this new trend.




Webxu looks like it’s heading in the right direction especially after its most recent announcement.  I feel that with the way the industry is heading, this could be a company poised for growth heading into the 2014 year.

Additionally, WBXU has stated that it will have a focus on the Hemp and Legal MJ space which has been a hotbed for massive market action, so I think that it could only add more fuel to the fire.  Finally, the current chart trend suggests to me that Webxu may have finally turned the corner and could be ready to head back North so with an early surge in positive momentum, I think WBXU could kick start the exciting week we have ahead of us!  Pull up Webxu, Inc. and let’s get ready for the open.







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