I’m sticking to the Energy Play

A friendly introduction to a brand new Company for the INS Network!

Members, today we had another great day of breakout action with my latest oil & gas feature running to an intra-day high of 27PCT on massive volume.  We’re two for two this week so congratulations are in order for everyone sitting in the winner’s circle!  I’m sticking with energy as we head into Wednesday and this company is one that I think we’ll be continuing to watch as the year goes on.

Powerdyne International Inc. (OTC:PWDY) has a proprietary technology offering an independent electric utility to provide primary electric power, off the grid to mid sized and large commercial consumers. Powerdyne’s product is a self­‐contained generator that utilizes a modified radial air-­cooled aircraft engine to drive a 1 megawatt (MW) generator. According to the company, this generator works off of almost any gaseous fuel source including propane, methane, ethane and even hydrogen!

The company states that its basic PDI unit produces1MW of power 24/7 and has an expected operational life of 20,000 hours before rebuild or replacement of the prime mover; that’s more than 2 years of power at a constant rate of usage. As far as ease of installation and transport, one unit (which measures 6 feet in diameter and 12 feet long) can be fitted comfortably inside a standard 8′ x 8′ x 40′ shipping container box. This houses the unit on site for easy handling, as well as transport and delivery anywhere in the world.

As far as competition goes, there are several other companies within the space including Cummins, Kohler, Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar all of which manufacture generator sets. In an interview last September, CEO of Powerdyne, Dale P. Euga expressed that though there is competition in the generator space, Powerdyne holds several advantages over its much more bulky competition. Not only do these competitors’ typical units weigh more than 6 times that of Powerdyne’s PDIGenset (90,000 pounds vs 14,000 pounds), these generators are much larger, measuring 18-­24 ft long, 8ft high, and 8ft wide (nearly the same size as PWDY’s enclosure for it’s generator).
Moreover, Mr. Euga stated that a special performance characteristic of the PDIGenset is that it can perform very efficiently in extreme cold temperatures and at high altitudes whereas other technologies, especially diesel, find a deterioration in capability starting at altitudes over 4,000 feet. Most mining applications in South America for example, are above 5,000 feet and require multiple engines to drive one generator. Powerdyne is able to generate power at an inexpensive rate and at reduced costs to the client because the client does not have to buy any equipment; they just pay for the electricity.

Powerdyne has identified its client base as commercial users, mines, manufacturers and medical centers that have a minimum electrical base of 1MW or more. According to the company, the electricity produced by the PDIGenset is consumed in parallel with the main electrical source, usually the grid, and is used to augment total consumption, thus resulting in a savings of 20%-­50% annually compared to traditional means of power consumption. So with such a vast array of applications, I think that PWDY has the product and the technology to provide opportunities for inexpensive, off-­grid energy.

Members, PWDY is very new and I know that we’re one of the first networks to bring coverage.  This ticker has had a few days of action over the past 30 days and if you take a look at those higher volume days, you’ll notice that this has the potential to break out big on moderate volume.  I took a look at the Level 2 this afternoon it looks as close to a “Momo” candidate as any company could possibly look in my opinion and a breakout from these current levels could open the doors for a hat trick this week!

Pull up PWDY tonight, begin your DD, and let’s get ready to kick humpday into high gear!



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